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lifepool is an initiative of the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF). The NBCF, co-funded by Cancer Australia, provided Collaborative Cancer Research Grant funding to support a new resource for health research. The Chief Investigators behind lifepool came from BreastScreen Victoria, the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, the University of Melbourne and The Royal Melbourne Hospital, as part of Melbourne Health. Now established and recruiting nationally, lifepool is supported by infrastructure funding from NBCF. Chief investigators have joined the project from NSW, QLD, WA and SA

Up to 100,000 women are asked to join the lifepool Project

Why did we choose lifepool as a name for this Project?
The successful grant application was called: the NBCF BreastScreen Victoria Cohort Demonstration project. We always knew we needed a better name! From the very beginning of this Project, we have involved women from the community, working closely with members of the BreastScreen Consumer Advisory Committee. Women told us they didn’t like the name: Too hard to understand and too long to say.

lifepool describes our aims well: The lifepool Project will enable every woman to contribute precious drops of information into a secure ‘pool’ of data. This data will contribute to research improving women’s health. In particular, the research using this pool of data will look at better ways of screening for breast cancer, improve our understanding of how breast cancer develops and help find better ways of predicting a woman’s individual risk of developing breast cancer.

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