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This section provides information for researchers wishing to access the resource.

Please do not hesitate to contact the lifepool office via telephone (03 8559 6532) or email (

Lisa will be happy to answer any questions you may have about how lifepool might support your research project.

The lifepool Access Policy provides an overview of the application process and describes how applications are reviewed. Please click here to read the document.

All applications for access to the lifepool resource must be made using the lifepool Access Application Form Version 1. Please click here to download the form in Word format for your convenience.



Participants 54,000
Completed Baseline Questionnaires 54,000
Peripheral blood samples collected 11,407
Saliva samples collected 1,655
Peripheral blood/saliva from participants with diagnosis of breast cancer 807
Breast cancer Tissue Microarray blocks in production

Data updated: 4th June 2018

High quality DNA is available from many of the samples already collected.

Please contact the lifepool manager to discuss how the resource may support your research.

Telephone +61 3 8559 6532 or


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Contact us: 1800 198 082 or 03 8559 6532 Privacy and confidentiality


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